Albert Winn


Submitted by Dr J O Muhlhaus


My grandfather Albert Winn enlisted in the Royal Artillery in Gravesend on 13th July, 1888 at the age of 17. He was a labourer living in Shorne, Kent at the time. As he was one of nine children born to a rural family in Kent, but thereafter scattered, I suspect he joined up to escape rural poverty.

He signed on initially for 4 years in the Army and 5 years in the Reserve. In February 1895 he extended his service to complete 12 years and then in February 1900 he re-engaged on for 21 more years.

He was originally posted to Colchester in 1888/89, then Woolwich 1890/91. He was posted to Longford (Ireland) in 1892 where he met and married his wife Bridget Corcoran. He was posted to Athlone for 1894-96, followed by Newcastle for 1896-99. Then came Leeds 1899-1902, Kildare (Ireland) 1902-09, Ewshott (Hants) 1909-13 and finally Sheffield from 1913 on. Various children (including my mother) were born in Ireland and England during his postings.

In December 1914 as part of 132nd Battery, 31st Brigade, he went to Magdalen Hill Camp (Winchester) under the command of Lt Col Ernery, then going to Le Havre via Southampton. His Battery took part in battles in 1915 around Ypres and Armentieres (from the end of May). His battery were billeted in Perriere at the end of October but by then he had pneumonia. He was shipped back to England and died in Ipswich Military Hospital on 10th October 1915.

All the above is from my grandfather's army pay book and my private research.

After Albert's death, his widow and remaining children still at home moved from Hillsborough Barracks to a house nearby in Burton Street.










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