Wild Brothers


Submitted by James Wild

George Wild was James Wild Great Grand-father


The Wild brothers of Sheffield, they were the sons of Edward Wild (1857-1909) and Alice Bouch Bunn (1856-1938) and were all butchers/meat salesmen until the outbreak of war, the family were wealthy and by early 1900s had several shops throughout Sheffield as well as feeezers, they were amping the first people to import Canterbury Lamb from New Zealand,
before the outbreak of war they had 3 Sons die Ralph died in infancy, in 1890 John Albert died aged 13 and 1906 Arthur aged 18,
Eldest son Edward jnr (1876-1956) does not appear to have served in the war

John (1893-1917) (known as Jack) was killed in battle 20/09/17,

Frederick (1885-1920) although survived the war died through injuries shortly afterwards 09/06/20 followed by his wife Sarah Ann Wright (of Bright's disease) in August 1922 (she was sister of Florence Wright of Wright and Moore fame) leaving their 5 children orphaned

James Norris (1880-1959) returned to butchering and ran public houses

George (1895-1966) is my great grandfather he continued as a butcher for 40 years

John's grave was demolished sometime in the 1980s and was in Sheffield General cemetery along with his father, mother and Eldest brother










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