Robert Wass


Submitted by Peter Armitage.

Robert was Peter’s grandfather.

Robert Wass was born in Sheffield 21st Dec.1886.
In 1901 aged 14 he is working as a van boy, living with his widdowed mother, Jane Wass aged 42, Grocer, 38, Eggerton St (behind what is now Atkinsons) and his brother William who is a blade cutter. When Robert was 17, he joined the army but his mother bought him out. He told her, "you are buying me out mother, but I will join up again". It isn't known when he actually joined again because in 1911, he is married to Jessie (both now aged 24) living at 40, Spring Vale Road.
Robert and Jessie had 4 daughters; Irene born 1911, Betty born 1912, Elsie born 1914 and Thelma born 1918. There is no information of Robert from 1911 until 1918. The following information is all from letters. (see photo copies and transcripts) In March 1918 he is about to go to France from Boyton Camp ? There is an undated French post card which suggests that he has recently arrived in France. On 26th May 1918, he sends his last letter to Jessie and is killed 16 days later on 11th June.
Jessie receives letters of condolance dated 17th June and 22nd June. Some time later, the Salvation Army pay for Jessie to visit Robert's grave in the British War Cemetery Fr 20 Thiennes, France.
By 1918, Jessie and her daughters are living at 172 Richards Road, Heeley.

He was Gunner 795171 ‘D’ Battery, 160th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery and died in France on 11/6/1918.

Robert Wass

Robert and Jessie

All the information and images on this page were supplied by Peter Armitage from his family collection, we would like to thank Peter.

Boyton Camp

Robert is centre with the pipe

Robert front row left


A letter from Robert to Jessie dated 24th March 1918

A transcription by Peter Armitage


Sunday, 24th March 1918


My dear Jessie,
           Just a few lines to let you know that I am
          quite well and I hope you and the children are keeping the
          same  love.  I was expecting a letter from you this morning
          but one never came.   I have been put on draught and I am
          going on Tuesday to France.  I have been passed by the
          doctor, this morning, Sunday.  i will have to say goodbye to
          you Jessie.  Don't get downhearted love,  keep looking on
          the bright side of things.  Lets hope the war will soon be
          over.  Well, take care love;  I will now come to a close.
          With the best of love,
          From your ever true and loving husband,  Robert xxxxxxx
          With love and xxxxxxx to children, from Daddy.
          PS  give my best respects to all love.  I don't think it is any
          use writing back to my address.  I will write you as soon
          as I can, and give you my address when I land there.
          Don't forget what I told you love
                    this means (        )   base
                    this means  ----------- up the line
          but as I told you love, I shall try and stick at the base a bit.
          Good Luck and I hope for better days in store for us both
          love.   your loving husband Robert.
          I am enclosing you a photo of the Boyton Camp.
          Save it and put it in the album.

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