Henry Turner


Submitted by Stuart Turner.

Henry Turner was Stuart’s great grandfather who was born at Heeley, Sheffield in 1888. Henry was a corporal with the 7th York & Lancs when he was killed on 29/6/18 at Herissart in France. His number was 201895.
He was killed in an air raid when the battalion was at rest camp in the village of Herissart, being one of five who were killed, thirteen were wounded with two of those later dying of their wounds.
Henry is buried at Harissart.


Henry Turners original grave marker at Herissart Communal Cemetery

Service Records extracts

joined 3/4 Y&L (later 4th Res Y&L) 22/09/1915, by 15/11/1916 Sgt Instructor at Company Depot Ripon.

16/03/1918 reverts to Cpl. to France 18/03/1918.

21/03/1918 posted to 7th Y&L

29/05/1918 posted 'A' Company

29/06/1918 KIA

Also confirms Him as the Sgt Instr. on the Bolsterstone War Memorial.










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