John Frederick Styles


Submitted by Jean Gray

John was born at Rotherham in 1888.
Known as Jack, Jean’s grandfather was a police constable in Sheffield Constabulary at the outbreak of war. In 1915 he was given permission to "enlist in His Majesty's Forces for the duration of the war" He served in the Royal Garrison Artillery 1907-1912 and 1915-1919 and continued to serve in Sheffield Constabulary until 1939.
He was 65606 Bombardier in the 82nd Brigade of the Royal Garrison Artillery. He survived the war and died in later life in 1964.

He was a Signaller 1st Class and won the Victory Medal.
During his service prior to the war, he served in Mauritius between 1 Feb 1908 and 8 Dec 1910. En route to Mauritius the ship on which he and his fellow soldiers were sailing, SS Newark Castle, ran aground four miles off the coast of South Africa.
He also served at Castle Cornet in Guernsey, C.I.










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