Arthur Staton

Submitted by James staton

Arthur was Jame's Great Uncle

Arthur was a pit pony driver. He pretended he was 18 and signed up - he was only in fact 16 lol - the army records are mixed up as a result, saying that he was 20 when he was killed in action.
He was part of the Sherwood Foresters regiment, sent to the Kemmel Chateaux in Ypres (2nd battle of). He was ordered to report at 12:30 am as a reinforcement detachment on May 30th 1915 and was killed by a German sniper. We were always told that (the telegram said sniper), but we thought everyone got that message as it was a quick way to go. After researching it, the trenches there were really close together and there was a lot of sniper action.
He is buried in Kemmel Chateaux military cemetery along side his pals.








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