Edwin Scholey


Submitted by Ian Cooper

Edwin was Ian's first cousin 4x removed

Edwin Scholey was born in Sheffield, West Yorkshire in the summer of 1891. His father was a beer brewer and botanist, and when Edwin was old enough, he assisted his father in the business.

After the Great War broke out, Edwin was conscripted and trained with 3/4 Bn., York and Lancaster Regiment. On 29 June 1917, he was sent overseas and joined 1/4 (Hallamshire Battalion) Y&L (Territorial Force), which was serving on the Ypres front as part of 148th Brigade, 49th Division.

At the end of June, 49th Division was moved to the Dunkirk area in preparation for Operation Hush: an amphibious landing on the Belgian coast. However, the operation was cut back in scope as casualties mounted at the 3rd Battle of Ypres, which had been ongoing since July. On 1 October, 49th Division moved towards Ypres and was attached to II ANZAC Corps. On the 9th, the division was committed to battle at Poelcappelle.

The Battle of Poelcappelle

The battle took place on 9 October after days of torrential rain which created a sea of mud (effectively quicksand) in which horses and men could easily get stuck, be sucked down and drown without a trace. Poelcappelle was the epitome of the conditions we think of when the word Passchendaele is mentioned. It was literally a Hell on Earth. Despite this, 49th Division took their first objectives on 9 October, but had to fall back because the German wire protecting the reserve trenches had not been cut by the preparatory bombardment. German artillery fire and counter-attacks then forced the British and ANZAC forces back to their starting positions.

At some point in October 1917, possibly in the Poelcappelle battle, Edwin was badly wounded. He was taken to 44 Casualty Clearing Station, which was a field hospital located beyond the range of enemy guns where wounded soldiers were stabilized before being sent to a proper brick and mortar hospital. 44CCS was located on the outskirts of Poperinghe, near Ypres. Here he died and was buried. His grave is located in Nine Elms British Cemetery.







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