Frank Clough Frankland Pordage


Submitted by Jocelyn Abrahams

Frank Clough Frankland Pordage was Jocelyn's Grandfather


Born 19th January Karachi India (Now Pakistann)

My grandfather lived in Sheffield from May 1913, a constable in the local Police Force, and a member of the Army Reserve. He married my grandmother Evelyn TIMPERLEY at All Saints Brightside in Nov 1913. He presented for war service on 6 Aug 1914 & arrived in France on 16 Aug 1914. He stayed there until the end of WW1, with occasional visits home to Sheffield to visit his wife & young son.

After the war he found it difficult to settle, so he & his wife & young family emigrated to Australia, leaving behind a baby daughter in Burngreave Cemetery, taken by the Spanish Flu. In Australia, they initially settled on a Soldier Settlement farm, hoping to grow pineapples. But the scheme failed & the family lived through a time of destitution. They eventually got back on their feet & raised 7 children & were upstanding members of their church & community.

There are now 120+ members of this family in Australia. Fred passed away in 1966 & Evelyn in 1972. We all grew up knowing that Sheffield was the centre of the cutlery trade in our grandparents' time there.









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