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Herbert was Elizabeth's


Herbert (Bert) Newsome,a railway clerk,enlisted on 11/9/14 and was discharged 12/4/18.He was wounded at the Somme (date unknown) and as a result of his injuries he lost his eye, he wore a patch for the rest of his life. After convalescence, he returned to Sheffield and worked as a railway clerk, married in 1919 and had a daughter in 1920.

During 1920's,he moved to a Rotherham station (Masborough?)as railway goods clerk. Before the war,he was an active Methodist and, having had a grammar school education, was involved with Sunday School work (Sharrow Lane ),encouraging young people in their faith but also with education to help them in their working lives.He continued this after the war at Gerard Road Methodist church and as well as being Sunday school Superintendent held other church offices .

He was a family man and loved gardening and growing flowers. He was taken ill suddenly at work and died from a brain haemorrhage on 13/11/1954.He was loved, well-respected and highly regarded by all who knew him.
A summary of my limited knowledge of his life.


Redmires 1914

Herbert is Front row Right

Photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Jill Emm


Herberts younger brother Walter also served, see text from Elizabeth Jill Emm

Walter was Herbert's younger brother.Although he enlisted ,I do not know if he trained as a soldier as his appointment with the Post Office was also in April,1917.I didn't know the nature of his job as I could not read it from the entry in the Postal service appointment books so thank you for that information.

Walter worked at the Post office in various capacities till he died or retired?I do not know which.) He lived with and looked after his mother while working in Sheffield.  After she died,I believe he won a Post office competition-that seemed to be their practice for certain positions- and became Assistant Traffic Superintendent? (hard to read inBPO appointmnts book))in Leeds,July,1938. In July 1939 ,though he is listed as Asst Supt PO Telephones..He married in 1946 but had no children and died in Leeds in July 1964.











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