Henry Mason

Submitted by Kathryn Connell

Henry was Kathryn's Grandmother's cousin

Henry (Harry) Mason was the eldest brother of John Andrew Mason, killed 31st May on the Black Prince in the battle of Jutland, who you have listed. He was the eldest child of John Henry and Julia Mason of 89 Artisan View, Heeley. Born 1883,  baptised 8/1/1884. He was a journalist on a Sheffield paper and went to Ceylon around 1905-1906. He joined the Ceylon planters there. He was transferred to the ANZACS when they arrived in Egypt and served as part of the guard for General Birdwood. He landed with him on 25th April 1915. He was subsequently wounded on 27th April and evacuated to Egypt. There is a letter from him to his parents describing the action published in the Sheffield Independent, 20th May 1915, pg 5. He is on the list compiled by Pat Clark in the 1990's
I have also found mention of him in an Article in the Yorkshire Post dated 31st August 1916 which says he is a second Lieutenant in the KOYLI and describes his wounding on 18th August. It says he lost an eye and sustained damage to the other. It does not say where this occurred or which regiment he was in. In General Birdwood's memoirs he says he obtained commissions for all the Ceylon Planters left with him except one.
He subsequently seems to have returned to being a planter in Africa, dying in Accra Harbour, Ghana. I would assume his body was left there.
I have found all this online as I live in Australia. It began with a small photo my Nana identified in 1970 as "Cousin Henry. He died on the way home form India". It took a lucky combination of words to find the letter reference and from there lots more "fishing" for this information. Unfortunately Nana did not have contact with these cousins after she emigrated here in 1922.









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