Percy Kershaw

(also Brothers James and Willis)

Submitted by Mel Smart


Percy Kershaw was assumed dead on 22 November 1917. He was born in Sheffield and his family was notified of his death at 18 Witney Street, Sheffield (he enlisted from 16 Witney Street but his family moved next door whilst he was away in France to secure a private, not shared lavatory). He returned on leave once. His body was never found and he is listed on the Memorial at Cambrai. He was the son of James (Jim) and Emily, nee Frith, and left sisters Kate, Emily, Nellie (who died of flu in 1919), Elsie, Annie, Constance and Marjorie and brothers James, Willis and Harvey. James had been gassed and died of respiratory problems in 1941. Willis went to war and returned. Harvey was to young to join up.











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