Albert Breedon


Submitted by Nora Platt

Albert was Nora's Granddad

Albert was sent at 14 year old to Canada with Dr Barnardos in 1908. He enlisted in 1914 in Canada. On the Roll of Honour it says he was in the Canadian Infantry. On his medals it says Royal Engineers.
In the Barnardos papers we have it says 6th Divisional Signals Co No 2388 ? We know he looked after a War Horse at least some of the time because we have a picture and he used to talk about her. Her name was Betsy.

We know he was wounded because he wanted to go back to Canada after the war but in his papers it said he was likely to remain in England for another year for treatment of his wounds. He never returned to Canada as he was told the money was needed for the returning Canadian soldiers

He was also in WW2 and was at Dunkirk. Again he was wounded!


Our interpretation of his Medal Index Card etc

Can't see any papers for him enlisting in Canada, none in Canadian Archives, which there should be. Reason it states Canadian Infantry on Roll ? People knew he went to Canada and put two and two together ?
The reason R.E. is stamped on his medals was because that was the regiment he went over seas with, which tallies with his MIC.
6th Divisional Signals Company went out to France with 6th Division on 10/9/14, wether Albert was with them I don't know as there is no date of entry into theatre on his MIC as after the end of 1915 they didn't usually bother with dates of entry in to theatre. Also the clincher, there is no 1914-15 or 1914 Star entitlement on his MIC, that means he wasn't in any theatre of war before 1916.











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