Joseph Bosworth

Submitted by Steve Clark.

Joseph was Steve’s great grand father.

Sgt # 10627 Joseph Bosworth had been a professional soldier in the Grenadier Guards from 1901 to 1909 ending his time with the Colours as a Corporal, he signed on the reserves and moved back home to Nottingham, where he was born, and then to Sheffield where he lived in Carbrook with his wife and two children, working as a grinder. On the declaration of war he reported to Wellington Barracks on 5th Aug 1914 and was out in France on 20th Sept with his old Regiment 2nd Grenadier Guards for the Battle of Ypres. He then survived the further battles at Loos, the Somme (where he won the Military Medal) and then Third Ypres before finally being killed at the Grenadiers' action at Gauche Wood on 1st Dec 1917 during the battle of Cambrai.
His medals and death plaque survive with Steve, also some letters.











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