Robert Bennett Pitts MM


Information supplied by Julie and also Diane Wood

Robert was Julie's and Dianes's Great Uncle

This Soldiers father was called Robert Bennett-Pitts also hence his Mothers name Mary Hannah Bennett-Pitts (Nee Wheatley). This Soldier had two Brothers Lawrence and Frederick Bennett-Pitts, the latter of which was my Grandfather. Frederick called his first born son after his deceased brother Robert (the WW1 Soldier) and this is my father Robert Bennett-Pitts. What I find unbelievable about this soldier and his commonality with my father is not only do they both have the same name but that the Soldier was born on the 27th February and died on the 25th September and my dad had 5 girls, one born on the 27th February and one born 25th September ! Unbelievable !


Extra text by Diane Wood

We share the same date of birth (68 years apart) and he died on the date my sister was born (49 years apart) He died in Ypres and he won the Military Medal


Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery

Photographs Diane Wood












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