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The  Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (1917–1918) was later named Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps (1918–1920). Over 57,000 women served between January 1917 and November 1918 mostly in the UK, in roles such as clerical and mechanical work. On 31 March 1917 women in the WAAC were first sent to the battlefields in France, the corps was disbanded in September 1921.

Most of the service records were destroyed following a German air raid in September 1940. Those which have survived have suffered fire, water and mould damage. The National Archives at Kew, Surrey, have digitised these to prevent further damage and they can be searched and viewed online. The last WAAC veteran was , who died in 2008.

We have identified a number of members of the W.A.A.C. with Sheffield connections

All these ladies service records can be downloaded from TNA

Surname First Name Date of Birth Where Born Maiden Name
Archer Elaine Rowena Judith 27/10/1885
Battersby Evelyn Annie 28/10/1893
Bennett Gertrude 27/7/1893
Biggin Ida 28/9/1896
Billcliffe Sarah Elizabeth 23/8/1897 Brightside
Bower Ellen 22/12/1895
Briggs Nellie 28/6/1893 Foweather
Brignell Jane 6/2/1892 Stringer
Brown Hilda 25/7/1896
Clarke Lily Lee 6/03/1900 Walkley
Dickinson Annie 27/2/1877
Gregory Catherine 23/8/1896
Heaton Margaret Gladys 5/10/1894
Holmes Ethel Mary 11/1/1882 Reeve
Jackson Alice 10/2/1896
Johnston Ida 23/10/1895
Lowe Edith Mary  22/11/1898
Marshall Amy 13/1/1894 Walkley
Mawson Ruth 28/2/1893
Mawson Constance 4/3/1894
Milnes Evelyn 24/8/1891
Newell Florence Gertrude 25/7/1891
Newell Ada 5/10/1899
Platts Amy Laura 1/3/1898
Reddish Florence May 26/5/1883
Roe Beatrice 18/2/1898
Salter Olive Alice 13/1/1891 Genders
Smithers Emily 25/12/1885
Thornhill Edith 31/10/1899
Watmough Beatrice Amy 8/12/1899
Whitworth Marjorie 19/3/1896
Wild Mary 5/5/1892


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