Byron Arthur Rippon


Information from Glynn Harrison

Byron Arthur was Glynn's Grandfathers nephew.

His mother could never bring herself to believe he was dead and always thought that one day he would come back. She thought he was a POW or in a hospital somewhere and he was injured and didnt know who he was. Sadly he never returned.


Also Information from Mandy Green

Byron Arthur was Mandy's Grandfathers brother

His date of birth was 23rd June 1898.He resided at 92 Petre St with his parents Leonard Charles and Kate Rippon. He was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal. There is a small article and photo of him in the Yorkshire Telegraph and Star, 14th Aug 1918 (page 2). The article says he was formerly employed in the Mechanical Dept of the paper. His headstone inscription reads: Never will be forgotten by those who loved him best.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph 14/8/18

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