Ecclesall All Saints

From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield:-
‘On the south wall of the side-chapel are eleven tablets in oak panelling containing the names of 122 men of the parish, with their regiments, who fell in the Great War. Just outside the Churchyard, fronting the main road, is a beautiful memorial cross, eighteen feet high, erected in grateful commemoration of the fallen; it was designed by Mr. Temple Moore, and cost £500. An important part which remains to be carried out is a Memorial Parish Hall.’

All photographs on this page © Peter Bayliss


In Memory of

Baldwin Joseph William
Barker Joseph
Barlow Edwin
Barlow Harry Archibald
Barnes James Thomas
Bates Harry
Bathe Ernest
Beal Willie
Beaumont Archibald
Bentley Thomas ERnest
Birch Gilbert Wilson Fitzroy
Bland Ernest
Bolton Walter
Booth Reginald
Bradwell Arthur Knowles
Brassington Bernard
Brewer William Neville
Brookes Percy Tom
Bush Arthur
Butler Lenton Manners
Clarke Ernest
Clarke George
Clarke Walker
Clifton Edgar
Colgreaves Frederick
Collett Herbert
Cooke Cyril
Crofts Alfred
Crofts Leonard
Crowson Walter
Crozier Ernest
Derry Douglas Alfred Laurie
Dobbie Robert Shedden
Donkin Norman Stanton Bryan
Duce Eric George
Easthaugh Albert Gordon
Evans Harry
Fieldsend Sydney 
Fieldsend William 
Flint Albert 
Foster Arthur 
Foster Herbert 
Gallimore James Whitham
Ginn Harold Etridge 
Goodison William Henry 
Goodyear William 
Gorrill Robert 
Greenfield Fred 
Greenfield Stanley 
Hancock Arthur 
Hancock Ernest 
Hancock Henry 
Hancock James 
Hancock Thomas 
Hancock Thomas Lewis 
Hancock Thomas Wilfred 
Heaton Albert 
Hemmens John Arthur 
Hollingsworth Harold 
Houlden Arthur 
Howard Richard William 
Howe Frederick 
James Harry Burton
Jinkinson Harold James 
Johnson Clifford 
Johnson Fred Blacktin 
Keeling John 
Ketterick Robert 
Kibble Thomas Arthur 
Langley Cecil Herbert 
Lee Leonard 
Lem Frederick 
Lomas Samuel Henry 
Marples William George 
Marsh Benjamin 
Marshall George 
Marshall William 
McKenzie William 
Mercer Ernest 
Mettam Samuel 
Miles Henry 
Mills William 
Morton Thomas 
Moseley Tom 
Mountford Arthur 
Murday Maitland 
Needham Alfred 
Newsome Douglas Copeland 
Padley Joseph Egbert 
Parkin Absolom Sydney 
Parr Herbert 
Peacock William Dungworth
Peat William Edward 
Playle William Springfield 
Potts Richard Harry 
Powell Richard 
Ramsden George Rowland
Rhodes George Herbert 
Robinson Bernard Oates 
Robinson Leslie 
Roebuck Albert 
Roebuck George 
Russell Wilfred Gordon 
Scholes James Albert 
Seaman Robert 
Simpson Clifford Sandford 
Skidmore Leonard 
Smith Stanley Fenton 
Thompson Walter 
Thorpe Ernest 
Thorpe Tom Henry 
Trickett Samuel Arthrur 
Tunnercliffe Albert 
Tye George Harold 
Vickers Charles Goldthorpe 
Wales Harold Robert 
Walker John Robert 
Wastnage Bernard 
Watson Lionel Alwynne 
Willoughby William 
Wilson George 
Wilson Thomas Gordon 
Yates John Henry


Ecclesall All Saints Memorial Panel

Personal Memorial Window to Stanley Fenton Smith

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