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Sheffield's 1st Air Raid

Names of those who were killed

Bellamy. Elizabeth, Died.
Brewington. Richard, Died.
Coogan. Ann, Died.
Guest. William, Died.
Hames. Beatrice, Died.
Hames. Horace William, Died.
Hames. Levi, Died.
Harrison. George, Died.
Harrison. Vera, Died.
Harrison.Eliza Ann, Died.
Newton. Albert, Died.
Newton. Alice, Died.
Rhodes. Elsie Mary, Died.
Rhodes. Nellie, Died.
Rhodes. Phyllis Irene, Died.
Shakespeare. Martha, Died.
Southerington. Sarah Ann, Died.
Southerington. William, Died.
Stratford. Frederick, Died.
Taylor. Margaret, Died.
Tyler. Albert, Died.
Tyler. Amelia, Died.
Tyler. Ernest, Died.
Tyler. John, Died.
Tyler. Joseph Henry, age 14. Died.
Tyler. Joseph Henry, age 45. Died.
Tyler. Selina, Died.
Wilson. Thomas, Died.

Zeppelin Raid Memorial Effingham Rd Sheffield

Frederick Stratford's Grave

Burngreave Cemetery

William Guest's Grave

Burngreave Cemetery

Hames Family Grave

Abbey Lane Cemetery



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