The Dawson Band of Seven Brothers


To have one son serving in the Great War must have put a terrible burden on their parents at the time. Fearing every day the telegram he was missing in action or worse that he’d been killed. What must it had been like to have had seven son’s serving ?

The Loosemore family from Sheffield had seven son’s serving. Indeed one of them, Arnold, went on to earn the Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Another Sheffield family also gave seven sons to the war effort, the Dawson brothers.
They were – George, Edmund, Alfred, Frank, Herbert, Wilfred and Joseph. The brothers were the son’s of Edmund and Elizabeth Dawson of 84 Derby Street, Heeley, Sheffield.

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Left to Right Joseph-Frank-Wilfred-Edmund


Our many thanks go to Simon Dawson, Great Grandson of Frank Dawson, who was responsible for the excellent colourisation of the images.








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