Medical Staff 3rd Northern General Hospital



Thanks to Rory Herbert for the image and the following information.

First, group image of R.A.M.C. personnel. Names on rear of image -

Back Row Left to Right -

1.   'Gurney Yates'. This is Dr. Arthur Gurney Yates (1881-1977) . Promoted to Captain 3rd Northern General Hospital 5th September 1915. ( Registrar for 3rd Northern General at Collegiate )

2.  Waiting confirmation

3.   No name.

4.   'Ernest Finch'. Later Sir Ernest. Click here for Obituary

5.   'Tommy'  (surname unclear)

6.   'W.W. King'. Captain 3rd Northern General Hospital.

7.   'Rupert Hallam'. (Arthur) Rupert Hallam worked as a dermatologist in Sheffield from 1911 to 19444. Early in his career he also specialized in diagnostic radiology and established this specialty in Sheffield. He was an original member of the British Association of Dermatologists from 1920 becoming president in 1035. He also helped to found the North of England Dermatological Society.


Front Row Left to Right -

1. 'Alfred Barnes'. Alfred Edward Barnes was born in Sheffield on June 3rd 1881, the eldest son of a solicitors clerk. From the Sheffield Royal Grammar School he entered University College, Sheffield, in 1897 with an entrance scholarship and graduated M.B., B.S. (London) in 1903. Click here for Obituary

2. No name. But does look like it being Lieutenant Colonel Charles Clifford. He commanded the Sheffield Territorial Artillery in France from April 1915 and afterwards commanded the 126th Brigade Royal Field Artillery. For his wartime services he was four times mentioned in dispatches and awarded the C.M.G. Later in life he gave land and money to the University of Sheffield to build the dental school that bears his name. He was later knighted.

3. 'White'. Believed to be Lieutenant Colonel John Sinclair White, Commanding Officer of 3rd Northern General Hospital during the war. Later Professor White.

4. 'Arthur Connell'. Surgeon-Captain Arthur Mayers Connell. Promoted to Major on 1st April 1908. His portrait hangs at the Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. Later Professor Connell.

5. 'Archie Cuff'. Rory Herbert's grandfather. Archibald William Cuff (1869-1938). Surgeon-Major to 3rd West Riding Brigade, R.F.A.

6. 'Kerr'. Probably Major William Smith Kerr, R.A.M.C. Later surgeon in charge of the Ear & Throat department at Sheffield Royal Infirmary.

Of the thirteen men in the image two were later Knighted and two became professors of medicine. Many years later when Sheffield Royal Infirmary opened new operating theatres, they dedicated them to three of the men sitting next to each other in the image, White, Connell and Cuff.

Portraits of Charles Clifford, John Sinclair White and Arthur Connell can be found on the BBC's 'Your Paintings'.


Here is a second image sent to us by Mike Collins

RAMC ( Territorial Force) Sheffield Central Hospital Group Honorary Medical and Surgical Staff 1914-18


Back Row Left to Right

Rupert Hallam -  T.B. Mourat -  W.W. King -  Ernest Finch -  J.S.C. Douglas -  G.H. Pooley -   and    A.G. Yates

Front row left to right

A.E. Barnes   -   W.S. Porter   -  John Sinclair White   -  Arthur M. Connell   -  Archie Cuff   -       and William Smith Kerr








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