York & Lancs 12th City Battalion
Group Photos


Photogaphs on this page courtesy of John Alflat


Location and Date not known

Probably  Redmires as they are in the temporary uniforms

Doorway 12/1004 Pte E C Muxlow, ?, 12/1036 Pte S G Rowley.

Back Row 12/997 Lcpl A Moore, 12/1002 Pte L V Morte, 12/928 Pte J R Glenn, 12/879 Pte A Brammer,  ?, 12/953 Pte H Hickson, 12/1040 Pte R W Sanderson, 12/1010 LCpl S Oakes.

 Front Row   ?, 12/976 Pte H G Kidney. Pte 'Pip' Barker, 12/1042 Pte N Scaife, 12/922 Pte R E Gapes, 12/10452 Pte W Skidmore, ?, 12/899 Pte C F Chamberlain, 12/1039 Pte F A Sanderson.


Front row from the left, 12/976 Pte H G Kidney, unknown, 12/889 Pte C F Chamberlain

2nd row sitting, 2nd from left, 12/953 pte H Hickson

Standing extreme left, 12/965 Pte W Hutton

Standing in centre of door
with rolled sleeves and crossed arms, 12/1042 Pte N Scaife

Standing in doorway on left, 12/847 pte W G Alflat, centre 12/1040 Pte R Sanderson

Standing to right of door 12/1022 Pte O Price.










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