William Scales


Submitted by David Abrahams.

William was David’s grandmothers brother.

He was Pte. # 200662 of the 4/1st Battalion Cameron Highlanders.
He died at Mazinghein in France on 25/10/1918.

The following is from research done by David Abrahams:-

Timeline Uncle William Scales. Born - Sept. 1898 (Haven’t got his date of birth)

4th Cameron Highlanders (TF)

+/- 22 May 1915 Sheffield

Recruited into 4th Btn Cameron Highlanders (TF)
Service number 3311
Rank of Private

Training in Bedford.

21st September 1915
Entered France

25th September – 19th October
Battle of Loos. (Lone Tree, Le Rutoire Farm and Hohenzollern Redoubt)

*** From November 1915 to March 1916 5 lads were sent back to the Camerons Base Depot for being under age. Was William one of them ? Must have been (b. 1898), due to casualty numbers they needed all the able bodied men they could get. He may, however have been given lighter duties at Bttn HQ ***

December 1915
Arrival at the Somme


1st Cameron Highlanders

February 1916
4th Btn Cameron Highlanders disbanded. William Scales transferred to 1st Btn Cameron Highlanders.
Service number changed to 200662

Probably sent back to Loos to join 1st Division.

30 June 1916
Attack on Double Crassier, Loos.

July – September 1916
Battle of the Somme. (High Wood)

September 1916 – 1918
Moved to Flanders.

Preparation for expected German seaborne attack on Flanders (Never happened)

10th July 1917
Attacked en lost trenches in Nieuwpoort

September 1917 – March 1918
Moved to Ypres for final stages of 3rd Ypres (aka Passchendaele 31 July – 6 November). Remained in the salient through the winter.

9th – 29th April 1918
Battle of the Lys (aka 4th Battle of Ypres). Battle subdivided into :

  9 – 11 April Estaires                                                      1st Cameron Highlanders
10 – 11 April Messine
12 – 15 April Hazebrouck                                                 1st Cameron Highlanders
13 – 15 April Bailleul
17 – 19 April 1st Battle of Mount Kemmel
18 –      April Bethune                                                      1st Cameron Highlanders
25 – 26 April 2nd Battle of Mount Kemmel
29 -       April Scherpenberg

May – June 1918
1st Division return to Cuinchy


September 1918
  1 –   8 September Battle of the Drocourt – Queant Switch Line
15 -  21 September Battle of Maissemy

October 1918
17th – 25th October Battle of the Selle.

23nd – 26th October Billeted in Mazinghien (Field Map reference R.33.b) during time in Support Line. God knows where the map is.

Total casualties for October (1st Cameron Highlanders) 10 Officers and 196 other ranks, one of which was Uncle William Scales.

William Scales was in all probability in “C” company that where billeted in a barn (destroyed by shell fire) between 19th and 25th  October

William Scales was first buried in Mazinghien and later laid to rest in the Highland Cemetary, Le Cateau.


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