Harry Foers


Submitted by Andrew Colton

Harry was Andrew's Gr Grandfather


This is Harry Foers my gr. grandfather. His wounding was reported in the Sheffield Daily Independent on 1st July 1915 (along with a photograph) and his death was reported in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph 21st January 1916 (also with a photograph).

He first enlisted in the Hallamshires 3rd May 1909 aged 21 for a period of four years. He reenlisted 3rd May 1913 for 1 year and again on the 30th March 1914 for a further year. He was deployed to France as part of 49th West Riding Division between the 12th-19th April 1915. The war diaries for the Hallamshires put them at Fleurbaix/Bois-Grenier, about 10 mile south of Ypres for the entire month of May. The diaries contain detailed information written by the C.O. (in pencil usually) and lists soldier numbers killed or wounded day by day and other information, killed by sniper, shell etc but soldiers were seldom mentioned by name.

I still don't know exactly what happened to him but it is ongoing. In 2015 an article was printed in The Sheffield Star about him which I had sent to them (happy to forward this to you).

The war diaries make interesting but poignant reading. An entry dated 9th November while the battalion were in trenches E23-E26. "The Battalion recieved a present of oilskins from T. K. Wilson of Sheffield - these proved a very great boon to the regiment during the wet weather". Despite constant pumping and shoring, the trenches soon became waterogged, so much so that on 12th November, "Heavy rain caused HALIFAX RD communications trench to fall in and made approach to the front line from headquarters very dificult by daylight".

My Great Grandmother, collected his effects 22nd April 1916 (all of which are listed) and include photographs, letters, locks of hair and three lighters. His campaign medals were despatched by registered post to Grammar Street Sheffield 20th September 1921. Harry Foers (13/07/1887-12/11/1915)








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