John James Chapman


Submitted by Margaret Cartwright


John James was Margaret's great uncle.
John was born at Sheffield on 10/9/1879. He served with the 1st West Riding Field Company of Royal Engineers, number 106.
He was killed on 7/8/15 at Gallipoli and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. His family had close links with St Stephen's and St Anne's Church's in Sheffield.

Quote from Margaret -
'The story in a very faded newspaper article says 2 of his comrades carried his body over a mile to lay it by the side of his C.O. but before the grave was filled up they were shot. Ironically, Corporal Chapman, who had made hundreds of coffins for other people, had to be buried without one himself. His father was Harry Cooper Chapman,cabinet maker and undertaker, for many years at 53 Bethel Street, Sheffield.
I visited Gallipoli in 2008 and did a day's tour there. It was a very moving experience. Sadly the Helles Memorial was situated too far away to visit, although we did sail past it. It would have been nice to have a closer look.'











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