Bernard Walter Davy


From The Naval Review, Vol VI page13, The Work of a Trawler in the Aegian Sea


July 1oth, 3 p.m.-Abercrombie, 15-in. gun monitor, just going to fire on peninsula from Kepllelo to Helles.

A fatal accident occurs. Aeroplane M.29 from air station, military pilot, Lieutenant Nicholson, R.N., relation to Admiral, a mid
shipman, R.N.R. Davis came to a bad end when passing over our trawler flying low; rose rather too sudden over the dummy ship, and
when close to stern of Theseus, blister boat, one wing appeared to break, and aeroplane turned a somersault and sank close to the stern
of Theseus.

She was to mark and spot the shots for Abercrombie, monitor. Officers and men from Theseus dived under to try and free
the men; but they were strapped and entangled ; divers had to be sent down. Our mate and myself lent all possible help in small dinghy,
and unstrapped one of them and took him on board the Theseus. Pilot Nicholson, Lieutenant, had done some splendid work during the
Gallipoli operations. Both officers were buried on Imbros Island.

Note Davis should read Davy




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