St Thomas Crookes

In Memory of
(From Rolls)


From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield;-

Roll of Honour.
'The fine War Memorial consists of three alabaster tablets set in an arcade of three arches supported by slender pillars of green marble, the whole being recessed in the east wall of the north aisle. On the panels are the names of 211 men who fell in the Great War. The inscription is as follows: ‘In gratitude to Almighty God for the victorious issue of the Great European War, 1914-1918, and in loving memory of those who from this parish and congregation laid down their lives in the conflict and whose names are her inserted this Memorial is erected.’


Memorial window.
From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield;-
‘Army Surgeon succouring to the wounded – in memory of Charles Cecil Wildman Mays. R.A.M.C., ‘For 13 years a surgeon in this parish. He lost his life in the service of his country, Jan.25,1918, in the 40th year of his life.’



Allen H
Atkinson P
Bagshaw A
Baker H
Ball J
Bamford C
Barber HG
Barber M
Barraclough F
Barratt TE
Bartlett JS
Baxter W
Beal E
Beardshaw JW
Beck E
Beckett HE
Bell EB
Bell F
Bell JO
Bertaut H
Bingham A
Bird JH
Birkhead J
Blackman JF
Booth WC
Bottom CH
Bower H
Bown R
Boyes EW
Bradshaw J
Broadhead E
Brufton JA
Brunt HS
Butcher H
Cadman A
Cammack B
Carr GA
Carr JE
Chapman JJ
Chapman WH
Clarke GE
Cockayne EA
Cockerill T
Coldwell NG
Colley J
Corbett H
Corbridge V
Coward H
Crossley WI
Cuckson H
Curbishley A
Dale H
Davies B
Davies H
Dickinson EC
Drabble H
Dutton CP
Dyer CH
Dyer S
Earnshaw GB
Elliott LK
Ellis C
Etchells J
Fisher GT
Fletcher C
Foster H
Foster J
France W
Frost JA
Furniss CF
Furniss EV
Furniss H
Gallimore HB
Garlick H
Gibbins HW
Gibson C
Giddy WL
Goodlad F
Gosney E
Gosney J
Gray G
Greensmith GW
Gregory F
Hall J
Hartley J
Harvey H
Harvey JR
Harvey S
Hawksworth C
Hemsworth H
Herbert G
Hewitt BC
Holden JW
Holland E
Holmes C
Horn GW
Hough E
Howe GE
Howson J
Hoyland W
Hunter F
Johnson HA
Jones WS
Jowle A
Jowle W
Kay CH
Kay S
Kitson W
Lantaff A
Lee C
Liddell F
Makin S
Makinson E
Marples W
Marsden S
Marsh B
Marsh JL
Marshall H
Marshall TW
Masser TW
Mays CCW
Meller F
Merrill A
Metcalfe R
Morriss L
Morton B
Mounsey G
Muir JJB
Nadin G
Nadin JA
Nicholls WT
Ogden J
Overend T
Parkes PR
Parkin PW
Pashley A
Pasley FE
Penrose RJR
Powell J
Powell W
Preston J
Preston M
Priest A
Raynor DP
Reeve A
Reynolds A
Richardson G
Ritson R
Roberts AE
Roberts B
Roberts GH
Robinson AN
Robinson S
Roddis H
Sadler GH
Sanderson AL
Schofield J
Scott AG
Sellers NE
Shaw A
Shaw H
Shaw JT
Shillito JT
Simons GW
Simpson H
Simpson JW
Skelton GH
Skelton W
Smith AH
Smith S
Smith WF
Smithson A
Sorby J
Spencer E
Spencer N
Spencer T
Stacey PB
Stainforth ME
Stead O
Stead W
Stephenson JH
Storey H
Street W
Sykes JH
Taylor E
Taylor JW
Thomas HW
Tompkins WH
Twigg GF
Walker F
Walker W
Wall WT
Waller JW
Ward M
Waterfall N
Webster J
Webster J
West WG
White WT
Whitworth C
Whitworth CW
Widdowson GF
Williams H
Williams P
Wilson CH
Wilson F
Wood CA
Wood F
Wood H
Wright JR




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