St Chads Woodseats

In Memory of
(From the Rolls)



From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield -
‘The War Memorial consists of a tablet of Sicilian marble in memory of 120 men of the parish who fell, erected at a cost of £200.’


A Processional Cross made from a shell from the Somme.

The inscription reads -
A thank offering from CD and NA Birks.
Cross made from shell used in the Great War 1918

From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield –
‘In the south aisle are stained windows; one represents the Lord’s Supper; and a ‘Field Communion,’ immediately before going into action – ‘erected by Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Harbord, in memory of their son Lieut. C. Gordon Harbord, 14th York and Lanc. Killed in France. 1 Sept, 1916. Was confirmed and worshipped in this Church.’

Lieut. Harbords name appears on the cross at the top of the window.

This plaque appears on the wall below the window.



From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield –
‘The beautiful brass ‘Angel’ lectern bears the inscription : ‘Presented to S. Chad’s Church. Woodseats, Sheffield, by Mr. and Mrs. Hinckley to the honour and glory of God, in loving memory of their dear son Douglas Roy Hinckley, Lieut. 12th York and Lancaster Regiment, killed in action, France, January 13, 1917. He was an ardent worker in S. Chad’s Mission.’ The carved oak lectern platform was presented by his brothers.’


Also in the church there is a memorial Vestment Chest dedicated to Tom Allford. (Vestments are the cloths used to drape over the alter)

Tom Allford

This photo is actually entitled Jack Allford, however we believe it is a postcard from Tom Allford sent to his father John (Jack)

Any further information or confirmation would be gratefully received

Ackerman FG
Allford T
Amery C
Ashcroft T
Ashcroft TC
Ashton H
Askin H
Askin TW
Auckland GW
Barfield J
Barker HM
Baskill H
Bingham H
Bingham W
Booth AW
Booth F
Booth FC
Booth GH
Bower E
Bradley WS
Brearley A
Brown J
Burton H
Butcher E
Butcher JW
Carter CR
Cartledge WH
Charlesworth AA
Charlesworth F
Coggins P
Cowling W
Cranswick A
Crosby AS
Crossland H
Cumberbirch A
Dallyn P
Darley G
Darwen WS
Davenport P
Davidson JW
Doneval F
Dyson T
Eames P
Elshaw E
Elshaw JA
Fox AF
Freeman F
Freeman H
Froggatt J
Gale N
Gibbons GW
Godbeagre W
Goodlad A
Gregory F
Griffin C
Grounsell GW
Hall R
Harbord CG
Harrison JS
Helliwell B
Hewson W
Hill E
Hinkley Douglas Roy
Hobson G
Hodgetts TE
Hulme WR
Humpherson M
Jenkins SW
Jephson WM
Kilner H
Knight H
Larder F
Leadbeater E
Lightwood CE
Loates JA
Marshall FA
Mason G
McCallum D
McMahon J
Metham CH
Miller D
Milner T
Mulgrew T
Naylor T
Newett H
Nicholls E
Owen C
Parker TB
Penkethman J
Prentice A
Price TB
Price WB
Ransom GJ
Reed G
Reynolds B
Reynolds BE
Roberts EH
Roberts GH
Robertson B
Sanders TO
Seabright P
Sefton B
Shaw JA
Sheil A
Sheil AW
Shorten A
Smith HN
Smith N
Stansfield L
Thompson AE
Thursfield HJ
Tindall H
Walby WD
Walgate P
Ward H
Ward WL
Wilkinson H
Williams G
Woodcock JO
Wragg H




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