Freemasons and Lewis's Roll of Honour

In Memory of



Freemasons and Lewis's Roll of Honour at Sheffield Cathedral









Arnison EB
Beal AJ
Bedford SH
Belcher FP
Carlisle R
Carter AR
Caudwell T
Cleeves V
Colley A
Cotterill BW
Coward H
Davidson JW
Everitt WN
Fenton CS
Forsdike HB
Frost JA
Gilder E
Hanforth CH
Henderson D
Hinkley DR
Inman E
Inman N
Lister R
Maleham EH
Marsden E
Mays CCW
Mountain AE
Mountain H
Neill H
Phillips SC
Sales N
Shaw H
Shuttleworth ER
Simpson ARF
Skinner TA
Spencer SM
Taylor WJ
Thorpe JL
Whiteley L
Williams D
Williams SH
Wortley JF
Wrigley J






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