Firth Park Methodist Church

In Memory of



The 2 Rolls of Honour

Those who served on the left and those that died on right






Those who Died

Bird William
Cooper Harold
Hind Harold EW
Ludlam Frank E
Moore Samuel 
Skinner Leonard 
Vernon William 
Watling Harry 
Wilkinson George H
Yaneski Walter 


Those who Served

Allison Harry
Askew Victor
Baker Cyril
Baker Donald R
Baker Gladys
Bell George
Bellamy Ernest
Biggin F Harry
Blockley Edward
Buttler Harry M
Buttler J Morris
Cook William
Croydon Edward
Elsworth William
Hall Arthur S
Harvey Clarence 
Heeley Arthur B
Hulley Lawrence WJ
Hunt John R
Hunt Percy 
Kenyon FA
Knight Albert F
Lancashire Ernest 
Law Wilfred 
Lawrence Albert 
Lister Wilfred H
Littlewood George A
Orr Harold 
Page Harry 
Rodgers Frank W
Setchelt Walter E
Simpson John E
Southern Harold E
Spencer John 
Spencer Thurkill 
Stevenson Fred 
Sykes Frank 
Terry Walter 
Vaughan James 
Westaway Reginald G
Whitehouse Albert E
Whitehouse John H
Widdison John C
Widdison Margaret M
Wilson Frank 
Wilson Fred 
Woodcock Harold O






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