Holy Trinity Darnall

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Holy Trinity Church, Darnall.

From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield
‘In the chancel is the very handsome War Memorial of white marble in carved oak frame of Gothic design, with the inscription : ‘In gratitude to God for a great deliverance this tablet was erected by the people of Darnall to keep alive the memory of our men who fought and fell in the Great War 1914-1918.’ It contains 194 names, and cost £168.

This roll of honour is 'lost'.

Sheffieldhistory forum member 'Knightstemplar' has made it her holy grail to find it. Together we put together a 'modern' list of names to try and commemorate the men of Darnall.


Aldridge Edward Wiiliam
Allott George
Arnold William John
Bailey William
Ball Frank
Barnes Ernest
Barstow John
Barton Arthur
Bateson George Thomas
Beardshall Charles
Belfield William
Bell Arthur William 
Bellamy Frank
Bellamy Stanley
Bewsher Frank
Biggadike Arthur
Bingham Richard Arthur
Bingley John William
Bingley Joseph
Blanchard Frederick Baxter
Booker Henry
Booth Ernest
Bowler William Henry
Briggs Elijah Samuel
Briggs Jemm
Brown George
Brown Leonard
Buckley William
Bunn James William
Burgan Edgar
Burley William
Burton Harry
Butler Benjamin
Cain Edward
Cawthorne John Thomas
Cee Harold
Chamberlain Joseph S
Chambers Joseph
Chapman Arthur
Chapman William
Clare Edward Joseph
Clayton Harold
Clifford Archibald
Coddington William
Coe Albert
Coe Harold
Coleman Charles Arthur
Craven Ernest Edmund
Craven George Alfred Snr
Crisp Charles
Cutforth Albert Arthur
Cutts William
Dakin Thomas Henry
Darby Lawrence
Davies John
Davies John Arthur
Devenish Frederick George
Devenish Sidney Victor
Dobson Joseph
Dobson Matthew Oxley
Done Tom
Doolen Edward
Dore Howard Vincent
Dorling Sidney
Downes David
Draycott Robert James
Dyett Frederick
Dyett William John
Eames Anthony
EamesThomas Bates
Fell George Sidney 
Fletcher Maurice 
Fletcher Thomas William 
Foster Charles 
Frith John William 
Gardner George Frederick
Garton Frederick Hadfield 
Ginnever Fred 
Gittins Samuel 
Glover Arthur 
Goodwin Eric Benjamin 
Goodwin Norman 
Gough Jim 
Gratton John Woodward 
Gravil Ainley 
Gray Robert 
Gregory Albert 
Hague Alfred 
Hague Lewin 
Hall Howell 
Hargreave Sydney 
Hartle William Henry 
Hatt James Harry 
Hayes Albert 
Heaton George 
Henderson James 
Hicken Walter 
Hiley Herbert 
Hill Harry 
Hinch George Edmund 
Hobson Thomas Henry 
Hobson William Henry 
Hodgson Thomas William 
Holborn Harold 
Holland Arthur 
Holland Horace Edwin 
Holliday Thomas Marshall 
Hoole Harry 
Hooley Harold 
Hopewell Frank 
Horne James 
Howard Richard William 
Howe Clarence Henry 
Hulme Robert 
Humphrey Lawrence 
Hurst Henry 
Ibbertson George 
Ingleby George Edward 
Ingram George Atkinson 
Jackson Thomas William 
James Alfred 
Johnson C
Johnson James 
Johnson John 
Johnson John William 
Jones William Henry 
Joynes Edward 
Joynes Harry 
Kidder Charles 
Lawson George Henry 
Laycock Lawrence 
Leigh Edwin Staniforth 
Leversidge Harry 
Liggings Horace 
Lindley Charles Taylor
Lister William 
Locke Francis Henry 
Loy George 
Mace Frank Sydney 
MacRae J
Major Albert 
Maltby John Williams 
Marsh R
Marsh William 
Marshall Claude William 
Matthews Charles Alfred
McLoughlin James Herbert 
Mellor Percy 
Memmott Horace Stanley
Middleton William 
Mills John William 
Milsom Clarence 
Mitchell Edwin 
Mitchell John Benson 
Mold William 
Moore Charles Henry 
Mountford Edward 
Myers Alfred 
Naylor George 
Needham Arthur TE
Nicklin George Edward 
Norman Ernest 
Oates Joseph 
Ogle Benjamin 
Otley James Ernest 
Owen Percy William 
Palmer John 
Parker L
Parkin Samuel 
Paterson William 
Pearson George Richard Douglas
Pellucy William 
Percival Arthur 
Perkins Edmond 
Pickering George Richard 
Pickering Walter 
Pickersgill Harold 
Pinches Austin 
Pointer Thomas 
Porter James 
Potter Albert Henry 
Preston John 
Priest Samuel 
Puryer Charles Henry 
Reading Ernest 
Renshaw Arthur Cyril 
Renshaw Vincent 
Revill Charles Joseph 
Rhodes Willie 
Richards Mark 
Roberts Joseph 
Roberts William Arthur 
Robinson Clifford 
Robinson William 
Rowlett Thomas 
Roxborough Edward 
Sadler Thomas 
Samuel Norman 
Sanderson Albert Edward 
Savage Herbert Edwin 
Saxelby John William Henstock
Schofield Albert 
Shaw Henry 
Shemeld Edward 
Shepherd John Arnold
Shipstone Albert Victor 
Sissons Herbert 
Slaney Albert Edward
Slater Walter Herbert 
Smart Ernest Alfred 
Smedley Frank 
Smith Archibald 
Smith George Harold 
Smith Harry 
Smith John Henry 
Speck BH
Speed Frederick John 
Spittle George 
Spong William 
Steeple John 
Steeple William 
Stringer Thomas 
Swann Stuart William 
Symons Richard Ernest 
Tankard John Thomas 
Temprell Thomas Henry 
Thompson Mark 
Thorpe Richard 
Tonge William 
Tonks Wilfred 
Topham R
Turner Charles William 
Turtle Norman Frederick 
Tyzack Harry 
Varns Albert Ernest 
Wade Robert Samuel 
Waite John 
Wall Ernest 
Ward John 
Watmore Bernard Arthur 
Watson John 
Watson William Ernest 
Watson William Feetum 
Webb Harry 
Webb William 
Wells Herbert 
White Sam 
Whiteley T
Wilkinson George 
Williams John Henry 
Willoughby JR
Wilson Joseph 
Winter Albert 
Winter George 
Winterbottom Austin Willie 
Wood George 
Woodhead John William 
Worrall John Richard 
Wortley J Stuart 
Wrigley John William 
Yuile Frank 






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