Brunswick War Memorial




The Great War throws its sinister shadow across the pages of our history, and yet, as in countless other records, the darkness is relieved by the light of sacrifice and service. The response of Brunswick was instant and complete. Three hundred and seven men offered their lives. Of these seventy-one never came back. That was a high percentage of mortality, and the sense of sacrifice and anxiety was acutely felt in almost every home of the Church. Our people served with heart and hand to help the lads who enlisted. It is impossible to write of the innumerable acts of private generosity on the part of individual members of the school and congregation, but mention should be made of the magnificent record of the Brunswick Ladies Association, who, during those four fateful years, made nearly sixteen thousand articles and had them distributed to our soldiers, sailors and airmen on the various battle fronts.



On the 29th October, 1919, the Brunswick Trustees passed the following resolution: -

That the War Memorial should be as follows : -

The Recreation Room & Billiard Tables.
A Recreation Field off Ringinglow road, with an Army Hut or Pavilion erected thereon.
A Marble Tablet containg the names of those who lost their lives through the War, to be places in the porch in front of the Chapel.
A Roll of Honour to be placed in the Recreation Room containing the names of all those connected with our Church who joined H.M. Forces.

The Trustees promptly assisted in carrying out the terms of the first part of the Resolution by granting the use of the present Club Room, and the Brunswick Men’s Social Club was formed about the end of 1919. Mr Harland Roberts very generously defrayed almost the entire cost of a Billiard Table and the Club was a success from the start.





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